We view the practice of architecture as a service and an art and architecture itself as that which both accommodates and inspires. The design process involves collaboration and interpretation, and each design evolves in its own way in response to site, context, program and client. With the important recognition that environment has a profound effect on life, projects are tailored through landscape, building, and interior to fully realize the potential of each situation. Our work is characterized not only by appearance but consistent quality across a range of conditions. We listen carefully to our clients and work with passion to meet and exceed their goals.

Substantial improvements to the existing structure include adding a variety of covered, open, and screened porches; erecting a courtyard wall fitted with fountains as an ingenious method of noise mitigation; and topping off the main volume with a third floor that will exceed the tree line and open up distant ocean views.
Materials, forms and details are carefully crafted to create an aesthetic that feels familiar and rooted in tradition but at the same time fresh and contemporary.
This new summer destination will be enjoyed by a multi-generational family for years to come.

Mount Desert Island



Kind Words From Our Clients


“Christopher Arelt worked with us to entirely renovate and remodel our Connecticut home, in a way both visionary and entirely practical. We wanted a crafted, beautifully simple, and serene space inspired by coastal New England, along with an ADA-compliant home that works for young and old, including a power wheelchair user. Chris employs his deep knowledge in a creative, open-minded way, but always with focus, discipline and detail, listening closely to our wants and needs. He is simply great to work with. We are moving toward completion of the project currently, and look forward to enjoying a timeless home for a lifetime, combining modernity, tradition, local influences and a character that is unmistakably our own.”

Client- Stephanie S., Essex, Connecticut

Innovation In Design


3X Winner and 12X Cottage and Garden Finalist.



Does an architect’s work look mostly all the same?  If so, chances are good that’s what you can expect for your project.  Our work begins with a blank slate and no preconceived ideas, and takes form based on the unique character of each client and site.  At Nautilus Architects we “don’t do Everything, but we Can do Anything“.  A perusal of our work and this site is testament to this approach.

CONTEMPORARY architecture breaks with past traditions, styles and standards. Rather than any one value, contemporary architecture is about innovation.  Homes designs utilize state of the art materials, featuring glass and metal used in sometimes unconventional ways for a domestic space.

Sustainability is also a concern of the contemporary architect. Rather than ornate dwellings that use resources that are expensive to produce and damage the environment, contemporary designs favor the use of materials like concrete, metal, sustainable wood and often reclaimed existing material for building.


CLASSIC designs are inspired by clean lines, sleek profiles, minimal, but artful details, and open spaces interwoven with traditional elements.

While less sharp and less dramatic than modern styles, Classic homes seek to balance the warmth of the color palette with crisp lines.

A connection with the outside is another Classic design essential.

Courtyards, covered outdoor rooms and balconies are central to the way the home is organized and they are integrated into more than just one area of the home or one level. Natural light is crucial to Classic design plans — windows that wrap around corners and transom windows that float above a room are used liberally.


Nautilus Architects is truly pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation, especially considering the unique challenges posed by waterfront locations and extreme weather conditions. Our focus is on creating homes that not only withstand these challenges but also embrace them with innovative design features. Our designs integrate functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics, all while ensuring the structures harmonize with their natural surroundings.

Greystone | Old Lyme, Connecticut