nautilus CEDAR HOUSE

The homeowners include a 22-year old son with muscular dystrophy. The project began with the search for an existing home that could accommodate his and the family’s needs, in particular the ability for him to have a distinct environment yet be connected to the larger whole.


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nautilus RIVERBEND

The owners of this remarkable, eight-acre waterfront site offered an inspirational directive for the home that would one day occupy it:  “We want something that looks like it belongs on a river, and on this particular setting; comfortable, unpretentious, appearing as if it may have been around awhile and taking full advantage of the views without looking modern and glassy.”  The design strategy began by assembling a kit of parts consisting of features and elements observed as common in or potentially evocative of riverfront structures.  The kit was then deployed across a new structure that is configured entirely to address the context and the owners’ program.  Buildings hug the land and spread out laterally to take advantage of the broad, elevated setting.


Featured Project Riverbend September CTC&G 2023




nautilus HILLTOP

A secluded country property with timeless structures of stone, stucco, and wood–all designed with state-of-the-art energy efficient systems including geothermal heating and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).


nautilus Family Retreat

A quintessential transitional design looks familiar, but gets ever more interesting–this is the country retreat for a multigenerational family.


nautilus Harbour

Coastal designs are typically unique sites that are exposed to harsh weather conditions all year long.

nautilus Between The Lakes