Curated Hardware Details

Curated Hardware Designs by Nautilus Architects

Hardware can, and should be, the jewelry of a home.  In a recent project, the son remarked that all the black(ish) hardware, registers, outlets, fixtures and switches were like “embroidery” woven thorough the house.  What a great term!

Details matter, they add up. We delight in these choices and take them very seriously. A (seemingly) obvious strategy is to use a consistent palette of the same coclor/material throughout or throughout like space (e.g. bathrooms).  

Another is to introduce variety, or eclecticism, by equipping architectural elements, cabinetry and furnishings with purposefully-varied, but complementary, styling and finishes.  For this project, we featured Whitechapel hardware throughout the home.

The result is a rich, diverse blend perfect for a transitional interior defined as a mixture of old and new, traditional and modern.


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