Design Inspiration John Lautner

John Lautner is certainly not a household name, but few architects are for that matter. Lautner was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, whom more may know, and went on to a storied career designing some 200 houses, mostly in and around LA. He died in 1994.
For me, even moreso than FLW, Lautner is the embodiment of Ayn Rand’s Howard Roark. His work is so avant garde, so sculptural and uncompromising. When I look at virtually any of his projects, I see a determination to make the most poetic and exhilarating out of any given circumstance. And the ability to convince the client that this is what should be, what MUST be! Is truly impressive, perhaps the most impressive accomplishment of all!
What I love about Lautner designs is that they’re art. There is an idea about form and space FIRST. And then, later, how are we going to live in this?
That’s where I want to be as an architect.