Geothermal systems have become a very economical choice for residential and commercial sectors over time.  Their return on investment averages two to 10 years (depending on the size of the project) with utility costs for the installation of a residential geothermal heat pump typically 40%-60% lower than traditional costs.  Furthermore, financial incentives are also provided to lower initial costs and increase savings over time.  FAQs

Cost Guidance

Geothermal systems use electricity to run the fan, pump, and compressor but they dont require any fossil fuels, they don’t emit greenhouse gases, and they don’t consume any water. All of which makes them significantly more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than most other HVAC systems.

The total price (including installation, drilling, and pump) for geothermal systems range between $5,000–$10,000 per ton. Our single family homes typically require at least a 5 ton heat pump. While this initial investment is pricey there are other things to consider.

First, these systems will provide long term savings in contrast to conventional HVAC systems (especially if the home generates electricity with renewable energy.) Secondly, many local municipalities offer incentives that may cover nearly half the cost of the initial installation.