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  • My wife and I had a wonderful experience working with Chris on the design of a new home located on a river. We had fallen in love with the location but had few specific design requirements for a house.  Instead, we had hazy objectives related to the aesthetic and feel we were trying to achieve.  Chris expertly translated our  vague goals into a “forever” house that feels timeless, but also incorporates the many benefits of modern design.  The house perfectly compliments and takes advantage of the landscape.  We couldn’t recommend Chris more highly.


The details that will make Riverbend a unique place begin to emerge!  The white-painted siding is referred to as Novelty siding and can be spotted on older structures, often accessory buildings or camps.  We had slightly wider-than-normal boards milled to work with the particular scale of our building.  The white and green is such a classic color combination for the look we are creating.
Under the windows, the tiny river stones, “river jacks” as they are called, are growing in number to create a beautiful, multi-colored field.  Capping them are thick, granite sills that, when applied, instantly create the impression that this building has been around for ages.