Thermory Exteriors Heat and steam, no chemicals. This process gives the wood rot resistance, stability, and beauty.


Surface materials are the products that you will see, touch and feel every day on both the interior and exterior of your home. Whether they are used for flooring, facades, or anything in between, there are a number of sustainable finish materials that will bring character to your home without being destructive to the environment in the process.

These products range from cork facades made from renewable tree bark, to countertops made of recycled paper, to flooring made from reclaimed wood. There are many new products that come to market each year and we are constantly studying them for their aesthetic, installation methods and environmental impact. We organize these surface materials in our studio’s curated material library to present to clients when we find a good match.


The availability of sustainable surface materials on the market is rapidly increasing. While this is great for the environment it is often overwhelming for the consumer. As part of our architecture and interior services, our team of designers will curate a selection of environmentally friendly materials that fit within your budget.

Its safe to assume that early adopters of new, sustainable products can expect at least a 5-15% cost increase as opposed to conventional mass manufactured options. However, many of our homeowners find value in feeling connected to the ethical production of the products the live amongst each day. Either way, our team will provide you with options and help guide you through this decision making process.